Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Is raptors fever over?

I went Mukawa to see raptors but few raptors were seen at 7th February.
In this day, heavy snow was fallen yesterday and the strong wind blew.
I could only see a few common buzzards and a young White-tailed Eagle.
Where are Hen Harrier,  Rough-legged Buzzard, and Short-eared Owl?
I could see a male Long-tailed Rose Finch.

I gave up to see birds in Mukawa, and moved for Yuhutsu Moor in Tomakomai where took about 30 minutes by car.

On the way to Yuhutsu, I saw flock of crows, and two White-tailed Eagle were flying in the flock.

They were in battle for their prey (probably fish).
The focuses in these photos didn't match. (I used manual focus lens...)

Four Bramblings fed on small seeds on the ground.
All photos in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. 7/Feb/2010.


  1. Sorry the raptors have all gone............

    It's pretty quiet down in Hakodate too.........

  2. Wow, you're using a manual lens!
    I wouldn't get any decent shots like those of the Bramblings you got with manual focus lens. Great!

  3. >S.C.E
    I heard Rough-legged Buzzard came back Mukawa!

    I usually use AF-S 300/4 and Ai 500/4.
    The photos in this entry were taken by 500/4.

  4. Love the top eagle-battle photograph. Very dramatic.