Saturday, 8 January 2011

End of the year in Eastern Hokkaido -Notuke-

I went to Eastern Hokkaido 30th and 31th Decenmber.
In 30th, I went to Notuke. There were many eagles around at short range.

White-tailed Eagle.

Steller's Sea Eagle.

White-tailed Eagle juvenile.

Steller's Sea Eagles fed on dead fish.

Eagles on the electric pole.

I found many adult Stellers' but small number of juvenile.
I suspected that reproduction of Steller's in reporoduction area (Russian far east) was not good condition.

 Common Redpole.
I saw flock of its containing ca. 15 individuals.

The purpose of coming to this place was Gyrfalcon which came sometime came this place, but there were none of it in this season.

The snow fell at near evening.
Slaty-backed Gull juvenile.

After sunset, I moved to the spot of Brlakiston's Fish Owl and waited to appear where.
We will be able to see of it for outing nest to feeding place flying above us about once at evening.
But it appeared other point waiting me, a Belgium saw flying away above him...

I was billeted in minshuku Furen which was famous among foreign birders for English speaking host.
This day, American and Belgium (the person seeing the owl) family stayed.

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  1. WOW! a wonderful collection of photos. Really like the one with the Steller's Sea-eagles on the poles....and the flight one and the first pic of the White-tail by the sea. Great work.