Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Stealer Sea......not Eagle

Stealer Sea Lions stay at sea of Japan coast in Hokkaido.
They come to Hokkaido to feed on fish from Kuril Islands, Aleutian islands, and Alaska etc in spring season.

Japanese eat a lot of fish, sea lions also eat huge amount of fish, so fisherman have trouble with Sea Lions.

The removal of Sea Lions is performed, although it is close extinction and protected in Russia and the US.

I went to two rest sites of them in Ishikari.

One individual rested in this spot.
Bended steel stick is ruin of fence to prevent sea lion landing, but it is too fragile for sea lions.

Another place was also a male stayed.
Coraborat with Slaty-backed Gull and Japanese Cormorant.

I went this place last year, there were over 40 individuals.

I saw landed Harlequin Ducks near the sea lion's cay.
 Black-tailed Gull.

All photos in Ishikari, Hokkaido. 4/Apr/2010.


  1. Wow I want to see some of that!
    Nice Harlequin shot as well.

  2. Nice photos! I saw a Stellers Sea Lion off Hakodate a few years ago, it was huge.

    I don't think Sea Lions catch so many fish, compared to the amount of fish the Japanese fishing industry catches the % caught by marine mammals must be absolutely tiny. I think it's just propaganda from the Japanese fishing industry.

    I think culling of these mammals is fundamentally wrong.

  3. The conflict is not only sea lion's big appetite, they brake fisher net.
    Fisher men get angry of their behavior...