Sunday, 11 April 2010


A lot of Velvet Scoter stay around Tomakomai, but they are too far from land to see by binocular, they can be recognized by scope.

Fortunately, I could see a flock of Velvet Scoter at a short distance in Yufutu coast.
I was satisfied to see them and then I had trouble; my car stacked by harbor sand.
I went too forward to take photo of them by car.
A fisher man helped me...

Little Ringed Plover was seen in Mukawa, it was my first record in this season.
The season of shorebirds started.



  1. Nice Scoter shots, glad to see the shorebirds have arrived.

    I've been to Mukawa several times. A few years ago there was a lot of open water/lagoons with a lot of shorebirds/ducks etc but it has all disappeared. What a shame, a few years ago it was fantastic for shorebirds in spring and autumn. I went last September and there were almost no shorebirds.............

  2. Yes.
    The environment was broken.
    Though alternative environment was established, a little shore birds came.

  3. Lots of Little Ringed Plovers here in Kyushu.
    I've never seen a Velvet Scoter before. Really hope to see one in the future!