Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Onece more Sarobetu

Last Sunday, my friend said that wanted to see Red-necked Grebe's chick, I went to Sarobetu again with him.

At first, we were forward to Toyotomi to see Yellow-breasted Bunting etc., but we couldn't see the Bunting.
Chicks of Stonechat.

Tree Sparrow.
Barn Swallow.
Japanese subspecies of swallow has white belly, it seemed to be a Eurasian subspecies.

We moved to Horonobe for our main target.
Though there were over 20 birders to see the Grebes, we could see at short range.

According to a person stood by here before our arrival, a chick hatched in this morning.
We were lucky.
The grass impeded us to see chick, we could see chick on parent's (mother?) back, and observed feeding from father (?) to chick.

Reed Bunting.


  1. Wow That Red-necked Grebe shot is excellent!
    Wish I were there to see them as well....

  2. Yes it's a brilliant Red Necked Grebe shot!

  3. Wow...the first grebe image is stunning!

  4. Thank you comments.

    It came us at very short range.