Monday, 26 July 2010

Tomakomai Cruising -Shearwaters in July-

I could observed 4 Shearwaters and Fulmar.
Mainly Sooty Shearwater.
I also saw Short-tailed Shearwater, but Sooty was dominant.

There were many flocks of them.

In this flocks, my friend saw Flesh-footed Shearwater, but I couldn't see.
After cruise, I checked my photos and dug up Flesh-footed.......
It was mortifying.

The number of Streaked Shearwater are increasing.
It may change dominance Sooty to Streaked next month.

 Fulmar light morph. Dark morph of Fulmar is dominant in Japan, it was first time to see light morph.
Unfortunately, I missed exposure......

Of course, there were other animals in assemblage of Sheawaters.

I will upload their photos at later entries.


  1. Looks great, hope the 14th has the same weather!

  2. Very nice but never see any of them here in Borneo ...

  3. Thank you comments.

    There are many appealing birds in Borneo, I want to go there....