Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tomakomai Cruising -Auks in pelagic-

After observation of Skuas, I moved to off shore.
Today's cruise, I could see several Auks and Divers despite end summer.

 Pacific Diver and

Brünnich's Guillemot were in short range.

Japanese Murrelets.
I saw 7 individuals of them, their habitat in this season was not clarified yet, I wondered quite a few of them might stay around this sea area in this season.

The highlight of this cruise was juvenile of Tufted Puffin.
Its my lifer!

Tobias attended this cruise, he wanted to see Albatrosses especially Short-tailed, but we couldn't see any Albatrosses and there were no lifer for him. It was very exiting and satisfying cruise I thought but he was not looked like satisfied...


  1. Sounds pretty good to me, Tufted Puffin and Brünnich's Guillemot would be lifers for me................hope they are still around next month..........

  2. Wow it's great find a Tufted Puffin!
    Wish I can join your cruise someday....

  3. I'm forward to next month.

    Come on.
    I'm welcome for your visit.

  4. Thanks a lot!
    I'll try to visit Hokkaido again next summer :D