Monday, 22 March 2010


I went to Sanbanze which was famous tideland for shorebirds in Chiba prefecture.

Hundreds of Dunlins.

The distance from birds was so long, I could not take photos of near shot.
This photo is Far eastern Curlew.
I could see Eurasian Curlew, Bar-tailed Godwit,  Sanderling, and Kentish Plover.

Little Egret.

Water Pipits foraged around horbor.

There was a narrow reed habitat in Sambanze, Reed Bunting and Fan-tailed Wabler stayed occurred.

Male Reed Buntings started turning to summer plumage, many camera-mans tried to take photo of them because Reed Bunting regarded as a winter bird around Tokyo.
But I live in Hokkaido, this species is a summer bird in Hokkaido. I didn't have so interest for this species.
I had much interest for Fan-tailed Wabler which did not distribute in Hokkaido.

I heard a female Bufflehead stayed in this place.
I could see, but it was enough for seeing through scope but so far for camera.
A female Bufflehead with canoe.

Black-necked Grebe turned to summer plumage.

All photos in Chiba prefecture. 14 or 19/Mar/ 2010.

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