Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Trip to east end2 -Kiritappu-

First accommodation was Etopirika-mura in Kiritappu, which organized conservation act for Tufted Puffin and Spectacled Guillemot.
Kiritappu is a famous breeding spot of these species, but these are seen in summer.

This time, I tried to see buntings which were here from pre-information.

At first, I saw Rough-legged Buzzard which was also fever in Kiritappu.

I heard two rare buntings in Kiritappu, the first was five-Lapland Bunting which I saw easily, but I
could not take a photo.

The second, it was one of main target of this trip: Snow Bunting.
I tried to find hard, seek and seek.
I decided to give up seeking Snow Bunting at noon and moving to Nemuro.
At 11:15, I found flock of white-small birds!!
I got it!!
Snow Buntings.

I could see some variations of plumage.


  1. You're so lucky! The snow buntings look cute and the puffins sound really interesting, but Hokkaido in summer might be a little bit too expensive for me to effort.

  2. The buntings look super surrounded by snow.

  3. Nice find, no Snow Buntings in south Hokkaido this winter.......

  4. Snow Bunting was a my lifer.

    I have never been to east Hokkaido in summer.
    I am busy in summer, so I haven't seen puffins.

    Thank you comments.

  5. The buntings look to be in spring/summer plumage. Always good to get a lifer, especially if self found.