Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bad luck makes good luck

I had plan to organize birding cruise in Tomakomai.
Unfortunately, the ship was in unexpected repair, so I was stopped organization of cruise....

As a last resort, I went Ishikari with friends who board the boat to see shore birds.

There were not many species of shore birds.
But we were lucky.
At first this is not a shore bird, but this is my lifer: White-winged Black Tern young.

Mountain Hare.

Sanderling, this is not rare species, this individual was in flocks of Red-necked Sandpiper.

And a rare species was in this flock.

Spoon-billed Sandpiper!!

Surprisingly, there were 2 individuals in this harbor, though they were in different flock.

Although We couldn't ride the boat, we had very luck of birds.


  1. Wow, a Spoon Billed Sandpiper!!!!!

    I need to check all those groups of Red Necked Stints on the beaches very carefully from now on.......

  2. Wow wow wow I'm all green with envy now! You're VERY lucky!
    Wanna see more close up photos of the birds...
    The shot where the bird opens its mouth looks really interesting to me cos I've never seen a shot like that before. So nice to see that these 2 birds are juvenile, which means that the number of this rarity at least increased. I've only seen this bird once many years ago hundreds metres away from me, let alone photographing.

  3. Spoon-billed Sandpiper will come to Ishikari in late August to early September usually.

    I used to take photo of them using 500/4 manual focus lens which has 5m minimum focus distance.
    There was cases that it was less than 5m to me.
    I made many miss-shots.

    All photo of Spoon-billed are one individual, other individual flew away before I took photo. But it was also juvenile.