Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tomakomai cruising -with stu-

I organized Tomakomai cruise 14th Aug, and STU attended.

He was very exited to see this flock of seven Black-footed Albatrosses at short range. He shot many pics and call his wife to see this bird.


We saw young suspected individual in the flock.

 In this cruise, I saw flock of Fork-tailed Storm Petrel, it is first record.

 There were many floating objects because it was strong rain two days ago.
Both of Arctic (left) and Pomarine (right) Skuas were on piece of styrol box.

Streaked and Sooty.
Fresh-footed Shearwater was not observed but there was in my friend's photo....


  1. Great shots of the albatross again!
    Love the first one. Looks like they're kissing each other.

  2. I'm already looking forward to next time...........