Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Japanese Pika

I climbed Mt. Hakuun to see Japanese Pika inhabiting rocky place, which be in top of this mountain.
It cost about one and half hour to be top of mountain, I felt my  stamina got down so tired.

I waited to see Pika about 3 hours, as a result I saw it only once but I could not take photo...
I got up to take photo of Pika at this place and went down this mountain.

I went to a famous place of Pika in base of this mountain, which was in place of about 5 minutes on foot from parking area.
I knew this place of course, but I wanted to take photo at other place.

As soon as I arrived, Pika was front of me.

I got back after 30 minutes because it was time to go home.

All photos in Shikaoi, Hokkaido. 31th/Jul/2010.


  1. Typical, you walk for ages and then see one near the car park.........

  2. Wow What a cutie it is!
    I really like the second pic of it. The landscape shots are of course spectacular.

  3. The climbing was worth the trip just for the landscape you got! Those little Pika are very cute to ;)

  4. Thank you for comments.
    I want to do re-challenge for climbing in autumn.

  5. ITS SO CUTE I WANT TO PUT A HAT ON IT AND SNUGGLE WITH IT!!!!! SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO CUTE p.s. it looks like that one pokemon?? I wonder if thats how they got inspired