Thursday, 21 October 2010

Slender Shrew

Slender Shrew Sorex gracillimus is distributed in Hokkaido of Japan and Far eastern Russia.
It is very small mammal; its body weight is about 3 to 5 gram, the second smallest mammal in Japan (the smallest is Least Shrew Sorex minutissimus; 2 to 3 gram).

In general, shrews have very large appetite for there high metabolism, it mean that they will die without feeding about 2 hours.

Though we can see dead shrews on trail, it is very difficult to see their living activity.

This individual is a juvenile which can be identify by its hair of tail; adult one is bald and needle like tail hair is feature of this species.
 Tomakomai, Hokkaido.


  1. "die without feeding about 2 hours." Wow....that's amazingingly special! Lovelly images anyway ;)

  2. Interesting creature! @ 3-5 gm I suppose you just can't sneeze in front of them! :)