Friday, 29 October 2010

Tomakomai Cruise -unexpected encount-

In this cruise, I saw three unexpected species.
White-billed Diver. I first saw its summer plumage.
It was very beautiful.
 There were two individuals.
White-billed Diver is a very large species, like White-tailed Eagle. But it had cautious at our boat and hided in the sea.


Red-legged Kittiwake juvenile!!
It was very friendly, flied and hovered front of me.

Sea Turtle (species unknown) and Fulmer.
Sea Turtle is scarce in Hokkaido. Where does it come from?

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  1. You're really lucky again! The Yellow-billed diver in breeding plumage, something I can only dream of. The kittiwake also looks extremely cute.