Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tokachi cruise in Oct.

My acquaintance organizes research of sea birds in Tokachi. Last week,  I went to Tokachi to assist his work.

Though it was cloudy and high wave, some members got sea sick, I was satisfied to see good scene.

Kittiwakes already came to Hokkaido, I suspected to be Red-foot in assemblage but didn't see.  My acquaintance confirmed of Red-legged in his photo after cruise.....

I saw many Rhinoceros Auklet, as like Kittiwake my acquaintance confirmed juvenile of Tufted Puffin in his photo....

I contacted flock of Streaked Shearwater, I could be short range of them.

They fed on sardine. Probably, they obsessed with food and didn't mind our boat.

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