Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chinese Merganser and Goledn-crowned Sparrow

On my way going back to Sapporo via Tokyo, I had enough time of birding in Kanto (around Tokyo), I tried to seek three stray birds I got information.

At first I went to Sagami river, Kanagawa prefecture for Chinese Merganser which lived in north east Russia and Chinese.

A young male Chinese Marganser was in flock of Common Merganser.
I heard it is difficult to see because it flew away to up or downstream constantly, so I was lucky.
After observation its floating water they flew away to downstream.

Soon I moved to Edo river, Chiba prefecture to see Red-breasted Frycatcher and Goledn-crowned Sparrow.
I could see Red-breasted Frycatcher easily but Goledn-crowned Sparrow didn't appear easily.

Pygmy Woodpecker.
Common Coot.

"no-tail"Long-tailed Tit caught a bug.

I beared until appearing of it. It was seen before my deadline...


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  1. These are the birds I really want to see!