Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sea lion in winter

I went to Ishikari to see Sea Lion with my friends at 30th Jan.

Last day, I watched football until 2:30, Japan won the prize of Asian cup!, I got up 6:00, so a little sleepy.

It was fallen snow last day, we wade through deep snow to open up a trail to the point of sea lion without snowshows .
It cost much time I expected, I hoped to obserb and to take photo of landing from sea, because they were nocturnal  and rest on rocky habitat of sea shore. But they already landed.


  1. Hi. So a nice shot!!! You took this on the 30th of January, not July. Ha-ha. またこちらの海のコーディネートも頼みますぜ。

  2. >birrrd
    Oh, why did I do such a mistake!