Saturday, 5 February 2011

Three lifers per a day

During in Shimane, I counted three lifers in one day.

Upland Buzzard which breeds in Mongolia and wintering around there comes rarely to Japan.
This individual was disscused juvenile or adult, my power birder friends argued about that but conclusion was not decided yet. It was so shy to approach.

Shore Lark was in flock of Skylark.

Flock of Pallas's Reed Bunting consisting ca. 15 individuals feeding on grass land.
I recognized that it was different activity and habitat selection between Reed Bunting and Pallas's Reed Bunting.
Pallas's likes grass land and on ground feeding, the other likes reed habitat feeding on stem of it.


  1. Wow, 3 in a day!

    So are you close to 400 for your Japanese list yet?!?!

  2. No, my list is about 350.
    In this year, I counted 7species: Desert Wheatear, Upland Buzzard, Shore Lark, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Chinese Merganser, Golden-crowned Sparrow, and Stellar's Eider.
    The other species I don't mention yet will be uploaded later entries.