Monday, 30 January 2012

Human growing Pelican and thief

A wild Pelican lives at Inba-numa in Inzai city Chiba prefecture.
It is tamed by human for feeding by fisher.
It is an idol of Inba-numa.

A Common Moorhen suddenly was on boat avoiding fisher's eye.

Why did it ride on boat?


It stole fish from boat!!
It also tenaciously utilized fisher.

Inzai, Chiba prefecture. 28th/Jan/2012.


  1. Is that Pelican a wild bird or an esacpee from a zoo/collection? I never heard of pelicans in Japan before..........

  2. Wow is that a wild pelican? It seems so tame.

  3. The Pelican said that escape but it is not clear source.
    It has been known about 10 years ago.

    Thank you comments.

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