Sunday, 8 January 2012

Raptors in this winter

Many raptors came around Tomakomai and Mukawa area.

Peregrine Falcon.

Rough-legged Buzzard.
Some Rough-leggeds stay around here, especially this individual was not shy.

Hen Harrier VS Large-billed Crow.

Short-eared Owl.

These photos were taken year end.
My friend went here yesterday (7th), but he couldn't see any raptors.
Probably heavy snow cleared out raptors.
Where raptors went???


  1. Very nice series. Love the Rough-legged and short-eared owl especially.

  2. Wow great shots here! I especially love the harrier and the owl shots. Did you take the photo of the owl through a car window or something? It looks a bit blurry and fuzzy which is good. It looks kind of dreamy.

  3. Thanks comments.

    I took photo of the owl in my car through no car window glass.
    I thik it is jiggle, dark condition make me a mistake.