Sunday, 29 January 2012

Siberian Crane and Tundra Swan

Siberian Crane which was endangered and a straggler came to Chiba prefecture.
It stays at roost of Tundra Swan which comes in winter. At noon, it forage at its feeding site several km from roost.

Tundra Swan.

Siberian Crane has blackish wing, but it doesn't show it easily.

I waited its open its wing. Fortunately local people with dog passed its near, so it moved for fear of dogs.

Inzai, Chiba prefecture. 28th/Jan/2012.


  1. Siberian Crane is sure a great bird! I've seen it once in Kagoshima back in 2008. You've captured the bird while opening its wings really well.

  2. Siberian Crane was my lifer.
    I have been to Kagoshima to see cranes, I saw all cranes (including Japanese Crane juvenile) except Siberian about 9 years ago.