Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mountain birds and Hawk

After cruising (1, 2), I went to Kucchan for camping with my friends.

At the night, we drank and talked. I saw Eurasian Woodcock flying and calling and heard song of White's Thrush and Ural Owl.

Next morning, I saw Narcissus Flycatcher and Siberian Blue Robin, but I couldn't take a photo of them.

When I left camp site, I saw a Oriental Honey Buzzard.
Crop image. The wing finger is 6 (Mountain Hawk Eagle is 7).

After going to hot spring I went to Bifue-no-taki (fall) at Tomakomai.
In this area, I heard many song of Siberian Blue Robin and Japanese Robin.
But bush and leave hided them.



  1. Another nice post.
    I think the raptor should be Oriental Honey-Buzzard judging from its small sharpish head.

  2. Oh, you are right.
    The wing finger is 6.
    Honey-Buzzard=6, Hawk Eagle is 7.

    I fixed the entry.