Friday, 4 June 2010

Tomakomai cruising -Diver and Murrelet-

Pacific Diver had so high wariness to be close, so I had not able to observe its brilliance of throat.
This photo confirm its brilliance a little.

Finally I mention about Murrelets in this cruise.

I could see many flocks of Ancient Murrelet.
Young Rhinoceros Auklets were seen in this season at this sea area.
Though Crested Auklet was determined, the member didn't notice at that time unfortunately. After cruising, my friend attended this boat confirmed two individual contained in the large flock of Phalarope in his photo.

The best bird in this cruise was......
Long-billed Murrelet!
I observed 7 individual (not flock) of them at cost area.

I heard their voice.
It was very exiting time!!


  1. What a great trip.

    Hopefully I can join you on some cruises soon.

  2. Wow Long-billed Murrelet! The bird looks so cute!!!
    Your boat trips remind me of what people in New Zealand are doing, especially the last post with the albatross. Why don't you try putting some food for the birds to make them come closer. I think it should work well with the shearwaters and albatrosses...

  3. Thanks to Stu and Ayuwat.

    I will try to put food next cruise.
    Some species of Shearwaters will come Tomakomai in summer, so feeding is effective.