Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Around Sapporo birding

I got up too early (before 3 A.M.), I couldn't sleep well. I gave up to sleep and prepare for breakfast.

In this day, I had plan of birding around Sapporo before  noon in stead of birding for Tomakomai-Mukawa.

At first I went to Miyaoka park which was a spot of small bird in spring.
But gate of parking area closed, the time of opening gate at 7 A.M., I got to here at 5 A.M. So I went to harbor of Shinkawa to see shorebirds.

I saw Grey-tailed Tattler, Rufous-necked Sandpiper, Dunlin, Little Ringed Plover, and Kentish Plover, but I didn't take photo of them.

I took photos of  Sand Martin.

Every year, they make their colony around here. Four individuals prepared their new nest at terrace, they were seemed to be advance team.

This nest was under construction.

During costing my time for Sand Martin, the time of opening gate came, I headed to Miyaoka park.
There were many small birds in this park, especially Blue-and-White Flycatcher.

I found about ten individuals of male.

I  confirmed Narcissus Flycatcher, Brown Flycatcher, Eastern Crowned Willow Warbler, and Oriental Cuckoo, but I could take photos of Blue-and-White Flycatcher.

I met two members of Birding club of HU, they wanted to see Siberian blue Robin, one of them saw the day before yesterday around here. But we could not see in this day.

After birding, I invited them to my car because they came here by subway.
And they claimed to go to see Sand Martin and Shore birds, I went to harbor of Shinkawa again.


  1. Nice photos of the Sand Martins!
    I have never seen their nesting colony before.
    The Blue & white Flycatcher shots also look very beautiful.

  2. I agree, nice Sand Martin shots.

    The nearest place I usually see them is at Yakumo.........

  3. Thanks.

    Hokkaido is only breeding site for Sand Martin in Japan.