Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Before and after Cruising

I organized Tomakomai sea bird cruising, I upload the entry later it was very exciting.
Before cruising, I searched bird in Yuhutu moor and saw Wryneck, Long-tailed Rose Finch, Reed Bunting, Japanese Grey Thrush, and Eastern Crowned Willow Warbler.

After cruising, I went Mukawa.
I heard Little Stint which was rare species in Japan appeared, but I couldn't see.
I could only took photo of Grey-tailed Tattler.

Photo in Tomakomai and Mukawa, Hokkaido. 9/May/2010.


  1. Nice bird list! I'd love to photograph the Eastern Crowned Warbler. I think the wader in the last photo should be a Grey-tailed Tattler.

  2. Oh, thank you, you are right.