Sunday, 9 May 2010

Niigata holiday

I went to Niigata prefecture by ferry.
Black-tailed Gulls traced with ferry after departure because some passengers gave them foods.
Therefore I could take photos of them.

At the ferry route, I saw Rhinoceros Puffin, Streaked Shearwater, and Sooty Shearwater
I could also see Spotted Seal and Fur Seal.
Unfortunately, the wind was so strong to stand on deck, it was prohibit to go on deck at afternoon in both way.

I went to Hyo-ko, I was very surprised to see over 70

Spotted Redshanks!
I had never seen summer plumage of them. It was very exiciting.
In addition  to them I saw Chestnut-Cheeked Starling, Little Tern, and Oriental Great Reed Wabler etc.

I moved to Fukushima-gata, Rapeseed were full bloom.

I had no time to go to Junsai-ike which was Russell's main field...

All photos in Niiga prefecture and route between Otaru-Niigata on ferry. 02-05/May/2010.


  1. Some great photos of the gulls and you saw some nice things on the ferry. I'd love to see any kind of puffin. Glad you got some interesting things at Hyoko too. I went to Fukushimagata yesterday but it was very quiet - better in the Autumn and Winter. I recommend you get to Junsai-ike in the Spring. It is small city park but it is the best for passerines. The mountain areas are also better from now until Autumn/Fall. You'll have to come again!

  2. Wow I want to see those Spotted Redshanks too!
    They look gorgeous in their black suits for breeding season. The gulls and flowers shots are also beautiful.

  3. Though I didn't write this entry, I saw two Eastern Marsh Harriers in Fukushimagata.
    And I went to Toyanogata and Agano-city to search a Long-eared Owl, but I didn't know breeding site...

    Thank you for comments.