Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Teuri Island

I went to Teuri Island which was a famous place for birds migration and breeding site of Rhinoceros Auklet.

At first, I upload birding by ferry.
About 0.3million pairs of Rhinoceros Auklets breed in Teuri island, so they can be seen in this route.
Also Spectacled Guillemot
 and Guillemot breed in this island, therefore they can be seen.
Especially Ministry of Environment of Japan protect Guillemots breeding site.

Japanese Cormorant.

A Oriental Honey Buzzard flew above the sea.

I saw a White-billed Diver flying but it was very far though I took a photo.


  1. These seabirds look brilliant in their breeding plumage.
    Hope I can visit Teuri island once before I leave this country.

  2. The best season in Teuri is June.
    Parents of Rhinoceros Auklet bring food for their chick at night.