Friday, 21 May 2010

Iinashi river

Small numbers of shore birds come to San-in because of absence for mudflat like habitat.
Some shore birds come to Yonago water bird park and mouth of Iinashi river.

I went to Iinashi river and saw some shore birds and etc.

A flock of Dunlin,

a Whimbrel,

 a Terek Sandpiper,

a Grey-tailed tattler, and a Little-ringed Plover were seen.

A summer plumage Great Crested Grebe was able to be seen.

Nutrias which was a alien species in Japan invaded in this area.
It used drain for its tunnel.


  1. The grebe looks very nice in breeding plumage!
    I'm still looking for a Terek Sandpiper here...

  2. Good luck for finding Terek Sandpiper!

  3. Is that a mink? I think I saw one in Hakodate one time.......

  4. No, it is Nutria (Coypu) a large mouse.
    American mink was introduced in Hokkaido.

  5. Lovely shorebird images. The Dunlin look fantastic!