Friday, 28 May 2010

Passage migrants in Teuri2

I realize that here is island to see many Eyebrowed Thrushes. Some flocks of them were seen in this birding.

This is my precious in this birding, I've ever seen female Siberian Ground Thrush onece about six years ago. I could see many male and female Siberian Ground Thrushes, but they prefer brush and dark place difficult to take photo. This young male stayed at relative bright place.

A female Common Rosefinch which is a very rare species in Japan feeding flower base of Cherry blossom. Unfortunately I couldn't take photo.

European and Oriental Cuckoo were recognized. This photo is Oriental one.

I could see Divers at not only ferry route but on land. The number of Pacific Diver (this photo) was higher than that of Black-throated.
Four Pacific Divers (this photo is one of them) at front of my tent site (I stayed by tent).


  1. I've never seen a Siberian Thrush..............

    I must go to Teuri sometime, I didn't know there was a campsite.

  2. Campsite in Teuri is "Ronbaba no hama" which locates near the port.
    It has water line and toilet and cost no money.